What is this knowledge?

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Today, in America, there are 6 truths that are not being taught to our churches, by our Pastors.

Why aren’t these truths being taught? Some pastors don’t know them, others wont teach them for fear of their congregations. If the government and the media are repeating a lie over and over again and the masses have come to believe it, then the pastor feels his one tiny voice on Sunday doesn't stand a chance of correcting this error amongst his congregation. After looking at the truths, which we will discuss only briefly here, but in more detail later on in the web page, we will discuss who has the responsibility for changing all this. It is impossible that the nation could be in such trouble, without the church laying down on the job, and it is impossible that the church be in such trouble without the pastors NOT DOING THEIR JOB.

The 6 truths are:


The church is “Gods chosen people”, the “Israel of God” today (not the phony Jews by race or by covenant thru the Talmud, Mishnah, Zohar, etc.) Yes this IS replacement theology. It is well documented in the New Testament, (all these verses are exposited in detail on other pages in this web site)

Rm 2:8,9 Heb 8:13 Rm 9:6-8 Gal 3:29 Phil 3:2 Mt 23:33 1Thes 2:16 Rev 17 the millstone is the temple, cast into the sea, the gentiles are symbolized by the sea in the book of Revelation. See also Lk 13:28 Lk 13:6 Gen 49:10.

But because most pastors mis-interpret Romans 11, and the "FOREVER" Promises to Israel, they see a continuing separate covenant with "the Jews" whoever that is in their minds. If I put on yarmulke (Jewish hat) and change my name to Cohen, does that make me Jewish? On the main menu, see Doesn't Romans 11 say God has not now, nor ever will forsake the Jews? Have the Jews been superseded or Replaced by the Church

This has HUGE implications for us politically. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem as you read in Psalm 122 means pray for the peace of the church. Psalm 110 “out of Zion” means from the church. Every promise to Zion, that carries over to the new testament is now a promise to the church, NOT the so called Jews. This means we should be giving NO foreign aid to Israel (or any other country for that matter, free trade is Gods perfect foreign aid.) If the land promises (who owns Palestine) to Abraham continued down to today (which they dont) they would apply to the church, to Christians, NOT to any phony so-called, self deceived “Jews”.


We are NOT in the end times now, we are in the early stages of the millennium. A correct interpretation of the book of Revelation will prove this to you. For the best commentary on Rev, get everything by Dr Ken Gentry (all his books off amazon.com and all his mp3s off http://www.wordmp3.com. Unfortunately he is not a Replacement Theologian, so he does see a continuing covenant with a people called “the Jews”, but he would argue their recognition and blessing by God will come only after they repent, become Christians and recognize Jesus as their messiah.

Since we are not in the end times but in the Kingdom age (millennium, not a literal 1000 years just as “the Lord owns the cattle on a thousand hills is not to be take literally) some of the rules have changed, from what we see advocated for the church in the New Testament.
The Church today has a different goal, than the end times church. It's no longer just do evangelism and hold on till Jesus comes back, (He came back in 70 AD in wrath and judgment against the Jews, yes there is a future 2nd coming). Rather the churches goal today is building the Kingdom of God. When we evangelize today, it's no longer to be like it was while the bridegroom (Jesus) was with them. The rule back then was DONT bother trying to change your local, state or national government, because they are reprobate. Jesus will come back soon (within 40 years) and take care of all your enemies (Jewry and the Roman Persecutors)

Luke 10:4 "Carry neither purse, nor scrip, nor shoes" or Matt 10:10 "neither two coats, ... nor yet a staff for your journey" and as regards a sword, it was "turn the other cheek, and do not resist him who is evil".

Today in the Kingdom building age, the rule for the church is:

Lk 22:36 "Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip (money) and he that hath no sword, let him sell (even his cloak, if he must), and buy one."

Now, friend. If you are "packing" (carrying a sword) you arent planning on "resisting not him who is evil" nor "turning the other cheek" much.

Someone must do the priestly job of guarding the garden (church) from serpents within and without. Adam failed to do this. He should have driven Satan out of the garden, and protected Eve from him. Rather, once he heard the deal Satan was making with Eve (Ye shall be as Gods) Adam decided to let Satan experiment on Eve, then Adam would eat too, if (ye shall surely NOT die as the serpent said happened to Eve). Likewise today, those (the clergy) charged with guarding the garden (church) aren’t dealing with the serpents within and without. These pastors refuse to get political, thus the congregation only hears one side of the story, the Zionist side since they control the media. And, worse yet, when most pastors DO get political, they get on the wrong side (unBiblical side) of the issue. E.G. the liberal mainline denoms coming out in against the Death Penalty, and some are even in favor of same sex marriages, or Pope Francis saying "The Jews need not be evangelized, since they have their OWN covenant with Yahweh". Or worst of all the Hagees, Jerry Falwells (now deceased), Pat Robertsons, who stump for Israel.

The term "End times" refers to the end of the Jewish (Old Testament, Ceremonial Law, Temple, Levitical Priesthood) world. That age or world ended in 70 AD with the destruction of the temple and the diaspora of the Jewish people. The reason it doesn't look like we are in the millennium now is because, in an at least 80,000 year long millennium, we are only 2000 years into it. Christ has only begun to

1 Cor 15:22 ff"abolish all rule power and authority" and make true Rev 11:15 "the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdom of our Lord and His Christ".

On the main menu, see Arent-we-in-the-End-Times-now?


American Christians have traded serving Yahweh for serving America. I.E. they have made their government an idol. Don’t believe it? Just walk up to anyone who calls himself a Christian, even the born-again, church going ones, and ask them "hey, what's the highest law of the land, for you, here in America"? A good 90% of the time, you will get "the constitution". Yet you know that you will be judged for all eternity on your compliance with Gods law, not the US Constitution. What did God do to the Israelites in the book of Judges, when they went a whoring after other Gods. He delivered them up to those Gods, to be abused by them for a while. So, it is today that our idol (him who we fear more than God)

"burns our flesh with fire" (just ask the approx. 3000 who died at the twin towers) and "tramples us underfoot" and"eats up My people like they eat bread".

No? Don’t believe this? OK,

- Who subverted the US Constitution and got us away from gold and silver coin, and onto paper dollars? The Federal government.

-Then who delegated all the money making power to a private Jewish central bank called the Fed, in 1913? The Federal government. So now the private stockholders of the Fed make all the interest on the national debt and control the flow of money to create depressions and boom cycles at their will. The benefit of this for them is two fold. They can crash the market and buy up all the stock they want at pennies on the dollar, then inflate and run the stocks up and sell at their peak price, and start the cycle all over again. This constantly siphons money out of the average man investors pocket, who somehow doesn't seem to mind as long as "everybody else is losing money too" like during the great depression. They have repeatedly done this in vertical markets too, like the price of oil right now (at the pump, gasoline is a record low $1.89 per gallon, (Jan 2016) just so they can break the frackers. Once their Zionist masters buy up all that stock at pennies on the dollar (and hurt Russian and Iran whose economies are very petroleum dependant) they will jack the price back up. Way back up, over $5 per gallon, to make up what they lost in the artificial "down market" they created. Now they can inflate to the sky and hollow out all your savings,

- And what does our ever greedy Federal government spend its money on: foreign wars that only enrich the military industrial complex like Korea and Vietnam, or lately to better serve Israel our masters, to conquer for them, all the countries around Israel. These wars make us no safer, and only create terrorists as Iraqi, Syrian, Libyan, and Palestinian kids see their parents droned to death, their homes bulldozed under, and feel the American boot on their soil.

- Who did the false flag operation on the American people called 9-11, just so they could increase their spying power over us, and invade Iraq on a pretense of getting even for 9-11. Your treasonous federal government.

- Who keeps over-ruling the states on every Abortion-v-Right to life state ruling? Your Federal Government.

- Who has ruined our public schools but the NEA, and ACLU kicking out all Christian influence there. Who keeps foisting gay rights and de-segregation on us, but the Federal government.

- Who keeps exporting our jobs to Mexico and now with TPP, to Asia? The Federal government.

- Who has made our health care system so costly most Americans cant even afford health care anymore, and done it by inserting government Administrators as the middleman in the healthcare-insurance chain of command.

- Who keeps our southern border open to illegal aliens and terrorists but the Federal government. And when the states try to enforce the laws on the books, the Feds step in and stop them. All this to dilute the population of conservative Americans with liberals who have just been put on the dole. Liberals always vote for more Govt goodies and handouts, and surrender power and liberties over to the Govt in exchange for those goodies, i.e. Making govt larger and more powerful. It's the conservatives who are always trying to keep government small, taxes low, and, federal power LIMITED.

- Who has run up trillions in national debt, and shows no sign of slowing down, but the Federal government. But you have heard, Govt spending is good for the economy. Well, every dollar the Govt takes from your pocket and gives to Boeing, Northrup Grumman, or God forbid, KBR Haliburton, is a dollar you don’t have to spend in your local community on discretionary spending to buy what you want to use at home.

- Who refuses to enforce the federal gun laws CURRENTLY on the books that could lock up every gang banger, and repeat violent offender in the country, so that violent crime STAYS a huge problem in the USA NRA short video on laws the Federal Govt REFUSES to enforce
Why would the government want this? So they can KEEP pounding the issue of gun registration, gun bans, and confiscation to ultimately dis-arm you and me. All for their greater control.

- Who keeps thwarting the "instant background check" to keep it from being effective, so that violent crime CONTINUES in America, Govt creates the problem, then provides the solution (gun ban on all the public)
NRA video on Federal Govt sabotage of the Background Check Database

-Who decided that violent crime was not happening fast enough in the USA, to spur on the voters to cry out for GUN CONTROL NOW. So Attorney General Eric Holder had to get some assault rifles into the hands of the Mexican cartels just across the border, so they could wreak havoc in both places? Just go to Alex Jones infowars.com channel and do a search on Fast and Furious, or go to Youtube and watch a few videos on that. All courtesy of your Federal Government.

-Who (I cannot prove this, but suspect it) is behind most of the mass shootings in America? Start researching MK Ultra and CIA mind control, and why all the terrorist events are immediately PRECEEDED by anti-terrorist drills by our Federal government (9-11, Boston Bombing, etc.) So the feds can have the quickest response time to get there and destroy evidence, make sure that the patsy doesn't live, or doesn't talk, if he gets to trial, etc. Or in some cases, dribble blood on him, photograph him, pronounce him "dead", and wisk him away to live out his second life under a witness protection program. Your Federal government.

We Christians should be genuinely praying for God to DELIVER US from this enslaving Federal government Which is causing us to sin. Is that possible? The Bible says yes:

II Kings 17:21 ... and Jeroboam drave Israel from following the LORD, and made them sin a great sin." other examples are found in Exodus 32:21 (Aaron) and 1 Chron 21:3 (David) and I Samuel 22:7 (Saul).

It has gotten so bad that the white millennials now, facing a jobless future, wont marry and have kids. Mimicking what the white Hollywood actors do (who say that marriage is a ball and chain, and kids end your fun life till they are grown and out of the house), the millennials birth rate is the lowest ever. We are being replaced by many blacks and Hispanics who aren’t afraid to have kids and put them on the dole (as they are taught to, by our Federal government) Actually there is nothing wrong with large families. God loves that. But He wants Christian large families, of ALL races, (which by their obedience to scripture then, must end up being conservative, and that is not support-AntiChrist-Israel, war-hawk, Republican, nor pro-gay, gun-control, abort-your-babies, tax-n-spend, Democrat).


Antichrist forces.

(2 Jn 1:7, For many deceivers have gone out into the world. All those who do not acknowledge that savior messiah (Jesus Christ) HAS COME IN THE FLESH, this is the deceiver and an antichrist)

What set of people primarily denies that Jesus Christ (Savior messiah) HAS come in the flesh, rather they are still waiting for their "true" messiah to come yet, and their mishnah even boasts of having put Jesus to death). Yea, it's the same people that have taken control of the US: Federal Government (AIPAC), economy (FED), media (Rev. Ted Pike documents who owns the media, in "UnHoly Alliance"), our schools, Hollywood "Jews totally run Hollywood." Joel Stein proudly admits, Our major industries (from Google, to Apple, to GE, all have CFR or Bilderburg board members) and have heavily influenced our State and Local governments, and yes, even our churches. Meanwhile, the pastors stay silent, and the churchmen sleep on, or gladly cower behind the "separation of Church N State" ruse because they don’t want to get political. Get political and you get into arguments, and cause division (which is true, because the Zionist media has MIS-informed everyone to such a degree, one dares not talk about politics). But the solution is NOT to stop talking about religion and politics, rather to teach the truth in our churches and stop listening to the lies at home coming from your TV and radio and newspaper, and to silence the liar (if you are going to guard the garden properly). There is much more about this on the home page of this site.


Another type of "knowledge" that American Christians are being destroyed for not knowing is: "Knowing Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior". I wont expound on that here, since you get plenty of that from your local fundamentalist pulpit.


Much technology has been held back from the US public, due to this policy of "keep the masses downtrodden, and you minimize competition towards your monopolies". Do an internet search on "the Pogue carburetor". An over 100 mp gal carb that has been suppressed since WW2. Of course you are forbidden from installing one of these in your car today. No tampering with the emissions system of a motor vehicle is allowed. The gasoline ICE (internal combustion engine) is at best 20% efficient, and more like 11% - some diesels get up to 35%). That is why you need a catalytic converter, to burn up the rest of the 80% that is wasted and going down your tail pipe, out to pollute the air. The government while publicly "fighting against air pollution" and fighting for clean air, i.e. wind power tax credits, etc. Actually loves and makes more tax money on your inefficient ICE, through the gas tax.

That’s why the California DA seized Edwin Grays over unity prototype engine back in the 70's. Tesla could have had us on clean free energy before WW1, but J.P. Morgan shut him down. Morgan was too heavily invested in Rockefellers Oil Monopoly and had to protect that. Rocky, by the way, got the US constitution amended during Prohibition, by making large donations to the womens' temperance movement. He wasn't interested in keeping drunks off the street like the women were, he was interested in making the manufacturers of grain alcohol government regulated so the whole auto industry would not switch over to prospering the US farmer instead of buying oil from Rocky. Just do a youtube search on: "Fords alcohol car" and "Fords hemp car" and the "True history of Marijuana" (which gets into Hemp being used in the past for sailcloth, bluejeans, paper, car body plastic, etc. AND for all you "founding fathers worshippers" they all grew it, and wrote the Declaration of Independence on it).

Henry ford was at war with big oil, (Rockefeller) and big bankers (the International Jews). He exposed them and their control of the USA in his newspaper the Dearborn Independent. The sons however are NOTHING like the father.

Rudolph Diesel invented an engine that he wanted to run on veggie oil. When he started promoting it that way, he got thrown overboard into the English channel (i.e. murdered).

When Stan Myers invented his hydrogen car, shortly after he demo'd it to the US military, he got poisoned to death at his favorite restaurant.

The monopolists have kept our automotive technology at a standstill for 100 years now. There has not been one substantive improvement in all that time. Even fuel injection is no major improvement over carburetion. What was the mileage gain 2%? At least you could adjust your own carburetor. You cant do this with EFI. The rest (air bags, electronic this n that) are all trinkets.

So, what does God say about all this to our churches?

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me (Israel was supposed to be the priestly nation, [just like the church today] serving all the other nations, and being an example to them): seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

So, the same principle applies to the Church today. Matthew 5:13 Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savor, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. The church in America today, has become completely cowed by the State, and has even made it its idol. We command no respect today, from our children, nor from the unbelieving world. The only thing left is either repentance then obedience or being trodden underfoot of men.
It was the priests job to tell the people, who it was that gave them their blessings (God, and NOT the Federal government). To keep reminding them. Just like it is the pastors job today. But:

Hosea 5:1 Hear this, O priests! Give heed, O house of Israel … For the judgment applies to you, Hosea 5:4 They will not frame their doings to turn unto their God: for the spirit of whoredoms is in the midst of them, and they have not known the LORD. Hosea 6:6 For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.

What great sacrifices did our Zionist controlled media tell us that we Americans were making (to our God, Democracy, Human Rights, and Americanism). We are sacrificing for Project Iraqi Freedom. Muslim girls learning how to read, depose a dictator, etc.

"There are approximately 1.6 million widows in Iraq today (April 2015), as suffering continues [AFP] Human trafficking: Accurate numbers are impossible to obtain. IS has reportedly opened an office in Mosul where they have been selling Yazidi women and girls to local men." "I spoke to one person involved in a gang that picked up these women." "He told me that if a woman is not a virgin she would not cost more than $2,000 or $3,000 but if the woman was a virgin then she would cost much more." "If that woman can be used for her organs because she is a healthy subject then her price could go up to $10,000." "This kind of crime is being committed on a daily basis in a systematic manner by an organized mafia. That kind of thing did not exist in Iraq before the occupation. " (i.e. Under Saddam H.)
"We were like normal people. We would go to restaurants and cafes with our children but now all the women and children rush to their home before the sun sets because they are afraid." "Before, women used to drive cars themselves and some were also taxi drivers." "Religion is a sort of a place of escape for women because women feel protected by religion when they find no other way to escape the harsh reality that they are enduring; and if they are wearing the headscarf it is because they are afraid. " For the full article go to: http://www.global-sisterhood-network.org/content/view/2974/59/
Estimates on the death toll from the Iraq war vary. The CIA who should know best, isn’t talking. But one estimate by a respected British polling agency Opinion Research Business (ORB) poll conducted August 12–19, 2007, estimated 1,033,000 violent deaths due to the Iraq War. You should probably double that by now.

How many US vets arms, and legs are missing from the Iraq war. How many guilt laden soldiers consciences and PTSD now keep them awake at night. How many body bags came back to weeping moms, wives and small children. The Iraq war added at least a trillion dollars to our national debt, which our kids will be paying for, for the rest of their lives, in debt to the Zionist International Bankers who own the Fed. And all for what? for project Iraqi Freedom. We liberated a few women from bondage (joke). We deposed a “dictator”, just to make it worse off now than before.

Ask any Iraqi taxi driver or 7-11 worker over here what conditions are like in Iraq today, and if he thinks they were better off under Saddam. He will tell you of shortages; lack of electricity; lack of potable water; tanks rolling through the streets night and day; gunfire and explosions. Iraqi health care in shambles. 200 bodies turn up daily in the Baghdad morgue. For Iraqis, it's 9/11 every day.
It's the same with Libya, and soon to be Syria (as of this writing April 2015). And all the while we US Christians were church attending back home, and some attending Bible Studies professing a Knowledge of God, but turning a blind eye to what our government was doing overseas, in reality creating terrorists by our aggression. Naturally, most of our pastors (supposed to be the watchmen on the wall,) are silent about this. They fear their congregations, who are being duped by the Zionist press).
Do a youtube search on: War on Terror, Iraq, DahliaWasfi, Islamophobia for Dummies uploaded by MuhaddithDotOrg Dec 8th, 2010
then just do a search on: Iraq vets against the war in youtube.com All wars are banker wars on Youtube

Hosea 7:9 Strangers have devoured his strength, and he knoweth it not: yea, gray hairs are here and there upon him, yet he knoweth not.

The Federal Reserve has devoured Americas strength, and we knoweth it not. Youtube search for Ron Paul uncensored on $9 trillion Fed bailout this is an accusation that the US Fed has been bailing out foreign corporations and central banks without US Congress permission.

Naturally, the primary “knowledge” for the lack of which we are destroyed, is the intimate knowledge of God, having Him be Lord and Savior, over we as individuals and Lord over our country, implementing His Biblical law. But even if everyone in the USA got saved tomorrow. Would that make them wise, scripture studied Christians knowing how to vote for and implement Biblical Law in their land? No, there is a necessary period called SANCTIFICATION in which we grow and mature.

Ignorant Christians, can be your worst enemies. Siding with the Zionists, on foreign policy, going to war to defend what they think is “Israel”, and locally forbidding divorce and judicially erring, misquoting “judge not lest ye be judged”, all the while spouting “politics is futile, it's like polishing brass on a sinking ship, because Jesus is coming back soon anyway, and HE will take care of all our problems. The world is prophesied to get worse and worse, there is nothing you can do or are supposed to do about it. Just hold on till He comes back.” These premill pro-zionist fundamentalists who have been mis-taught year after year by their Dispensational pastors are liabilities to the Kingdom of God, down here on earth, they are not assets.
In the end, what America needs is a Theocracy. See the link on the main page Should this city, county, state secede from the Union? It implies doing away with our secular state since it WILL NOT be converted to Christianity.

Oh, No, the Average American would say. Don’t take down my idol, the US Constitution and our SECULAR Federal government. They don’t realize that this constitution has loopholes in it the size of MAC trucks. See Home page link "What does God think of the American Constitution?". The US Constitution never even mentions the Christian God, (providence can be anything, and "in the year of our Lord" doesn’t count. The Lord of the Zionists is Satan, per Jesus "Ye are of your father the devil, and synagogue of Satan".) This constitution NEVER binds government down to Biblical Law like the old state government Constitutions did. It did away with the Christian Oath of Office, so prevalent in the State constitutions, it stole power away from the States and gave it to the mob "we the people".

A State government Has the time and resources to examine each Federal law, each Federal candidate and provide an effective check and balance against a run away, power hungry national government. So would an effective church denomination (but the 1st Amendment has been turned on its head, by the S. Ct.).

The individual American citizen, from the tired father who comes home at night from a hard days work, to the single Mom, has NO time for politics. Thus the check and balance provided by the State Govts was swept away, and we now have a run away Federal government. Our representatives are all bought and paid for by the Zionists (the International bankers) and by the Military Industrial Complex. Then if the carrot does not work on your representative, there's always the stick (JFK shot in Dallas, Congressman George Hansen (Idaho) being persecuted by the IRS, or the FBI framing Jim Trafficant or which ever govt entity arranged for the luring of congressman Larry McDonalds' jet into soviet air space so he could be shot down).
When a state does try to hold the line, on their fast eroding power, they get over-ruled by the Supreme Court. I know of no state that has successfully stood up to the Feds and said “that is an issue reserved to the states by the constitution, per the implied powers clause, hands off Feds”. See Kansas ban on abortion article that follows, and second pic of Total US Deaths from Abortion compared to all wars.

Newspaper article about KS legislature banning Abortion US Deaths from Abortion

Deut 28: 43``The alien who is among you shall rise above you higher and higher, but you shall go down lower and lower. 44``He shall lend to you, but you shall not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you shall be the tail. (NASB) Deuteronomy 28:43 The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low. (KJV)

Today, in America, the Zionists and MIC (Military Industrial Complex) lobby, blackmail, bribe, and even murder if need be, our representatives until they vote for every foreign "sanction" and "war" that profits the Zionists and the MIC. We go into debt to the tune of trillions of dollars to the Zionist international bankers, buying weapons and supplies from the MIC, to sacrifice our sons and daughters, to do "regime change" over seas, setting up another failed "democracy" like Afghanistan, Iran, Libya and remember Iran back in the 70's with The Shah of Iran, or every Banana Republic we set up in South America.

So the forces of evil get the land/resources we conquer by setting up their cruel puppet government after the US military leaves, the forces of evil get the interest on our national debt from the war, they get war powers to spy on us, during the war, reducing our freedoms, and then to make the payment on the interest due them from the loan for the war, they simply print more money. Inflating our money supply, which dilutes the spending power of everyones' dollar, in effect making all of us poorer and poorer.

Can you see how they can get VERY RICH doing that year after year, decade after decade, and why the middle class keeps getting poorer and poorer. Those below the poverty level, get government subsidies, the rich can invest in stocks, gold and silver, and over seas currencies. But the hard working middle class, those who vote conservative, trying to reign in their run away federal government and raise Christian kids, they get warred upon by their own govt, and get poorer and poorer every year. By the way, all these wars of late, make us much LESS secure. They only raise up a new crop of terrorists, who have lost family members from our drones or bombings, or snipers, etc. Which only justifies MORE spending on the war on terror, per our congressmen.

And what do the pastors say about all this. They are charged with "feed my sheep". "guard the flock from savage wolves who will enter in". "they that keep watch over your souls" ...

Ezekiel 33:7 So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me. Isaiah 21:6 For thus hath the LORD said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth.

Should the congregation ask "watchman, what of the night, what of the night" Isaiah 21:11 . Do you think the Pastors give the congregation a warning of their impending "trampling underfoot" that they (the congregation does in fact deserve), to try to make them mend their ways?

NO, they preach against homosexuality, or of personal individual sins, of internet porn, or being stingy with their tithe money, only giving the national average of 2.2% of our personal dispose-able income to nonprofit groups (NY Times 2010-05-01 "your money", or of the need for a bigger church building, or the need to "go out there and evangelize", or the salvation message for the umpteenth time.
The congregation needs to know if there is a present danger. But if the watchman (pastor), instead of warning about (your federal government, Zionist control, etc.), instead avoids the topic ... what should we do with that watchman?
In all fairness, there are some pastors who are politically more savvy than their congregations. They know if they tried to warn the congregation, they would be terminated. Some congregations refuse to hear the truth. They prefer to be told "everything will be alright", "you are in the center of Gods will, you are doing fine" in effect "go back to sleep".

So what is such a pastor to do? Get a second source of income (internet business, truck driving career, sales, something, anything,) and keep preaching the truth. Then when his congregation dumps him, he can attract to his new church those willing to hear the truth (usually the college age, who being faced with a jobless future, and knowing that doing business as usual like their parents did WONT WORK, WONT TURN AMERICA AROUND, and who are seeking better answers.)

If no-one will listen, you need to pray about leaving that geography, or pray about hunkering down and surviving till God does soften the hearts where you live.